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Holcim has designed SupersprayTM to offer high performance and durability to the Civil, Commercial and Residential Markets.

The 2016 Census found that two-thirds of Australians are now living in cities. Our urban population is growing at over 10% per year, putting pressure on the space we live, work and play in. The modern urban lifestyle demands that we build better, taller, faster and more efficiently. Materials, systems and tools need to be up for the challenge. Spray-applied concrete, or shotcrete, is just one example. This method not only places and compacts concrete in one smooth motion, but allows concrete to be placed in areas that are hard to access with conventional placement.

Yet not all shotcretes are made the same. Some brands will get the job done faster and allow other trades onto the site sooner, while others can slow you down.

To help your business keep up with the pace of construction and urban growth, Holcim has developed SupersprayTM, a wide range of high-performance shotcrete mixes that are reliable and resilient.

Discover its benefits
Less rework
Engineered to stick - first time, every time
Reduced wastage
Low rebound
Better quality of finish
Rapid mix set time
More productive labour
Mix consistency for faster finishes
Certified product
Range of durable mixes which are compliant with roads authority specifications
Selecting the right product
  • Holcim offers a range of individual SupersprayTM mixes to suit various applications.
  • And what we don’t have, we’ll work with you to develop or customise.
  • Use this table to quickly identify the SupersprayTM product you need for your project. Then simply give us a call on 131188 to confirm the product requirements and place your order.
Projects using SupersprayTM
Frequently Asked Questions
Does it comply with Australian Standards?
Yes, Superspray complies with the relevant Australian Standards.
Does Superspray comply with Roads Authority requirements?
Yes, Holcim has a range of Roads Authority compliant Superspray mixes available. We can develop mixes to meet Road Authority specifications where we don’t have what is required. We recommend that you contact your Holcim Account Manager to discuss your specific Roads Authority requirements.
How much rebound could I expect with Superspray?
Superspray has been developed with the overall optimal material gradation in mind and incorporates specialty additives to minimise rebound and maximise adhesion. A significant reduction in rebound can be expected compared to conventional shotcrete mixes. The amount of rebound will also depend on the substrate the mix is being sprayed onto, the spraying technique and the velocity of the spray.
How long after I place Superspray can I ‘cut or shape’ it?
Superspray can typically be cut or shaped almost immediately after spraying. If you have specific set or finishing requirements, we can tailor Superspray setting times to best suit your requirements.
What is the setting time?
Depending on the ambient temperature, the concrete will start to set 3-6 hours after placing. Apart from the first few hours when Superspray is still plastic, the setting time is comparable to that of a ‘traditional’ concrete.
Will a high amount of steel prohibit the placement of Superspray?
Possibly, if there is a high level of congested reinforcement. Our Concrete Technologists can help you achieve maximum compaction in these situations and assist with the selection of aggregate size.
Can you put fibres in Superspray?
Yes, Superspray can be supplied with either micro or macro synthetic (plastic) fibres or steel fibres. The application and mesh type to be used will determine the fibre type and dosage. Each Superspray mix is adjusted accordingly to take into account the fibre type, dosage and performance expectations.
What ambient conditions can I pour in?
You can place Superspray provided the temperature is between 5 and 30°C. At low temperatures, 5-10°C the setting time will be slightly longer.
How long does the Superspray stay ‘plastic’?
Superspray is normally developed to retain its workability for up to 90 minutes. For special situations this may be extended or shortened.
What type of surface finish can I obtain with Superspray?
A range of excellent finishes can be achieved such as ‘off the gun’ for a stone like look. Wood float and sponge and steel trowel for a tighter finish. Decorative effects are also achievable.
What preparation is required before spraying?
Superspray can be sprayed onto a range of varying substrates. All loose material should be removed and the substrate surface should be dry.
Can I add waterproofing additives to Superspray?
Yes a range of suitable additives can be added to Superspray depending on the performance requirements. Care should be taken to ensure the correct mix and overall system is used for your application, Holcim can assist in this process.
Can I add coloured oxides to Superspray?
Yes, a full range of colours are available with Superspray. Your Holcim Account Manager can assist with oxide selection.
Where can I get more information on Superspray?
Use the contact details below to talk to your Hocim Account Manager.